Ij Start Canon Setup and Configuration

Ij Start Canon Setup and Configuration

Ij Start Canon Setup – This is a simple way and the most commonly used to start the Canon Printer Through Wifi or wireless network.  A printer is a tool that can be said to be very important in everyday life. Moreover, for those of you who often print or print documents, whether for school, college assignments, office needs, and so on.

How to setup and IJ start Canon Wirelessly

Usually, people will use a printer that is connected to a computer or laptop with a printer cable. Then along with technological advances now print documents wirelessly or via wireless can be done. You can use a printer that is equipped with wireless so you don’t use the cable again.
In addition, you can also change the cable printer to wireless by sharing printers from Windows. You can also use a shared printer from many computers wirelessly.

For the operating method, this wireless printer can be used to print actual documents is not difficult. You only need to do a few simple settings so that the laptop or computer that is used can connect to a Wireless printer so that it can print documents.

WiFi sharing printer means here is a printer that is not equipped with wireless devices by default, but is connected to a computer that is shared so that it can connect to many computers or laptops using WiFi. For how to use it, please follow the steps below.

Ij Start Canon Setup Connection Using WPS

  1. Ensure that access point button is ready to Start.
  2. Please press still for 2 seconds the Wi-Fi button (A) on your printer until the Alarm lamp (B) blinks once, at that point discharge the Wi-Fi button after the blaze.
    Ij Start Canon Setup
  3. Make sure the Wi-Fi light (C) blinks quickly and the ON (D) light is on, then press and hold the hook at the entry point within 2 minutes.
    Ij Start Canon Pixma
  4. Make sure the Wi-Fi lamp and ON light are on.
    Ij Start Canon Ts

    If your computer has successfully connected to a WiFi sharing printer, then you can already use it to print documents. Please open the document that you want to print, then select print. Then you will see that the printer you are connecting to is ready to be used to print documents.

    Source: IjstartCanonsite.com

  5. That Is how to Ij Start Canon Setup